Buying VYP Sneakers is an experience and, as such, it may raise doubts. Here you will find the answers you are looking for. 🔍


What does a VYP Barcelona include?

Each VYP Barcelona includes a Nike Air Force 1 Low and the customization work for each pair. Each job is unique and is made in order of order. The approximate delivery time is one week (mainland Spain).

What is the difference between VYP Shuffle, You, Custom and Supercustom?

VYP SHUFFLE : chance decides which stickers will be on your VYP Barcelona.

VYP YOU: after completing a personality test, we take care of choosing the stickers that best suit your way of being. Let it surprise you!

VYP CUSTOM: you can choose what and how many stickers you want on your sneakers, without limit.

VYP SUPER CUSTOM: Tell us what you want us to paint on your sneakers and we will do it. Without limits, always in VYP Barcelona style.

Can I apply stickers from special collections to all VYPs?

You can add stickers from special collections to any customization style.

VYP SHUFFLE & YOU : at an extra cost


Can I change the color of the laces on my VYP Sneakers?

By default, all Air Force 1s always come with white laces but you can add additional laces on the purchase page for €4 (normal colors) and €5 (special colors).

Choose the correct size

The VYP Barcelona are always delivered with the Nike Air Force 1 Low model so the sizes are the original Nike ones.

VYP Shuffle, VYP You, VYP Custom and VYP Supercustom . Compare and discover everything about customization experiences to choose the best one for you.



What is the customization process?

Each Air Force 1 is individually hand painted, regardless of the customization experience chosen. We use our own technique that ensures that the doodles remain in full color and detail for a long time.

1️⃣ Preparation of the shoe : each Air Force 1 is treated to leave its material ready to absorb the paint optimally. This process takes approximately 1 hour and you have to let them rest and dry before you can start customizing.

2️⃣ Painted : The next step is to paint the doodles on your Air Force 1. To do this, we first make a sketch with the chosen stickers on the shoe itself to ensure a harmonious composition. Secondly, we paint the interior and finally a black line around it so that they stand out well. In the case of the VYP Supercustom, we also prepare the sketches in Adobe Illustrator before starting to customize.

3️⃣ Sealing: after hours of drawing and painting, we apply a layer of sealing on the sneakers and dry them.

The stickers on my sneakers are somewhat different than those on the website.

We individually paint each AF1 by hand, so the appearance of the stickers may vary slightly from the models on the web or that you see on social networks.

Likewise, colors may need to be adapted so that the sneakers look better as a whole.

How long do the stickers on the VYP Barcelona last?

In addition to liking them, we want you to be able to wear them again and again. That's why we spend hours getting the paint optimally sealed on the AF1s.

The resistance depends on the buyer's end use. We do not recommend daily use, but don't be afraid to wear them as they hold up well!

Order and shipments

How much does shipping cost for my VYP Sneakers?

Shipping is free throughout mainland Spain and has a fixed cost for the Balearic Islands and Canary Islands. You can see it on the payment page.

Outside Spain: costs will be calculated on the payment page.

EU / Non-EU: costs will be calculated on the payment page

When will my VYP Sneakers arrive?

It takes us a little less than a week to prepare your VYP Barcelona depending on the volume of orders. Once completed, we send with urgent shipping so that you receive them in less than 48 hours.

Returns & Exchanges

Can I make a return?

Each VYP is 100% customized and hand painted and, therefore, no changes or returns are allowed on products in perfect condition.

You can return your sneakers if they are damaged or are not the order you placed within 15 days of their arrival. If so, please contact hola@vypbarcelona.com and we will be with you right away.

I want to cancel my order

If you made a mistake placing your order or want to cancel it, you can do so within 2 hours of purchasing.